Why NoT?

Why did I create NoT?

Simply put: NoT supports my life purpose.

Complexly put: I chose awhile ago not to drift through life, reactive and purposeless. Having identified that purpose (to enable others), I was able to consider how to best achieve it. To answer that question I figured I should at least consider any areas in which I have unique interest, experience, and skill. Those areas are health, personal effectiveness, and people management. I blog because it assists me in enabling others to be healthy, to be effective, and to know what good managers of people do.

While I’m far from a credible source on either of them, they’re three topics I could spend an entire afternoon discussing. That’s not to say I have an afternoon’s worth of wisdom to share. Rather, I’m just energized by seeking to understand those areas of life, which affect us all and everyone we love. While universal, i learned that these topics contain non-obvious nuances of “doing them well”. Thus, if anything, the purpose of this blog is to share the lessons I’ve learned in case they might enable others to achieve their own definition of success; in essence, to identify what matters about what matters.


Please let me know if you have suggestions for me that will contribute to this purpose!