What’s in the Management section


What do great managers do?

Would you call yours good? Bad? What makes him or her good or bad? Most importantly, is your boss helping you to contribute and or to grow to your full potential?¬†Considering our contributions add value to society, wouldn’t it be worthwhile for our bosses to improve their ability to enable us to perform at our peak potential?

To me, managing people is the most valuable skill set to develop. I’d put money down that as a professional classification, “manager of others” is the #2 most common in the world, only behind “individual contributor”. Imagine the impact if whatever it took to manage people well was broadly known and taught. I especially mean taught to the not-college-educated managers that, I’d argue, make up the huge majority of managers in the world? I also use the term “manager” as broadly as possible. Thus, the importance of managing people extends outside the typical world of for-profit “bosses” and into charities, hospitals, governments, and schools. Any organization’s value to society is directly linked to the capability of its managers.

So I’m setting out to answer that question, “What do great managers do?”¬†¬†