What’s in the Effectiveness section

Personal effectiveness

However you define what success is for yourself, there are probably ways to be more successful by focusing on the right things. In my experience, what the “right” things are isn’t always obvious, and this is especially true for my definition: # of goals hit divided by # of goals set.

Fortunately, you’re ahead of the crowd with just a few minutes of thinking about what really matters. This practice usually helps me to filter distractions from levers, and myths from truths. I’ll share the mistakes I’ve made and lessons from mentors covering all sorts of topics–prioritization, relationships, professional life, travel, developing metaskills, and much more. I will not filter topics usually, since doing so would imply I’m qualified to advertise some guidance as trustworthy, which I’ll explicitly deny. I’d rather offer initial, half-thought-out reactions to situations than try to appear as though I know how life works. In this way, I’ll have something here to which I can return and correct down the road!