Getting through the honeymoon stage

Summer  2012–I know the team, have a basic view of what direction Kyle wants to go, and am as passionate as I was day 1.

This period–about one month in–I think is transitory from settling-in to the end of the honeymoon stage. With direction and passion, I now should be expected to achieve some measurable objectives.

This week I was dubbed “the fixer” and got some scarce praise from a usually-gripey veteran about my quick-to-act nature. Consider the first week’s question answered.

Speaking of objectives, my first Individual Development Plan (IDP) is written. Three small tasks that should allow me to acquire more responsibility steadily. I plan to finish well ahead of time (wrote that to look back here in the future to see if I was wrong). The IDP is formatted to include a skill, which is learning to schedule; a rolling responsibility, which is to control chef coats; and a more over arching mind-set of “owning” the performance of servers (deadlines, but not important here). We’ll see what happens.

I’m planning my first staff meeting–using manager tools. I want to start on time and stay on task. I’m starting to learn the staff does have drama between them. I’ve now had two approach me–each about the other–and told each of them to address their concerns with each other; neither seemed receptive to it. I will use this as a test for me to improve staff cohesion. My deadline is the teachback and the objective is to have them both admit to talking to each other about the issue.

One thing I learned this week is that the “DISC” model is an effective communication tool. More on that next week.

Also, push to get ideas in action, then push more when they are stalled by others. I’m trying to set up a network for our region’s FOH managers and am slowed by legal issues and busy people. I hope to have sent the first email by the next time I write.

Quote of the week: “You’re now ‘the fixer’. That’s your new name.” –Kyle

? for next week: How will I handle the IDP responsibilities?


12/5/2017 review–This is one of my first journal entries ever. I would remain in the honeymoon stage for a few more months. That’s when I learned what really tells you when you’re through it; it’s when you’re not looking forward to dealing with a key part of your job description.

Going forward, I will always try to replicate for myself and others two great benefits captured here. First, I was fortunate to have a deliberate manager at the time who wrote an IDP with a variety of focus areas. Second, seeking guidance–whether from Google, peers, school, or the Manager Tools podcast–truly accelerated my time to being productive, and definitely saved me from many (not all) mistakes.