Book summary: Heart of Change, John Kotter

7/22/2013–Steps to manage change from Heart of Change, by John Kotter:

  1. Develop a sense of urgency
    1. Tell a story or show a video
    2. Example: “Pile of gloves” story
  2. Build a guiding team
    1. Diverse in company roles and functions
    2. Consider: Who’s got internal leverage?
  3. Get the vision right
    1. Consider: What would our advertisement look like in the future?
    2. Try: write an imaginary future article for “Fortune” about the results of your change.
  4. Communicate for buy-in (consider using DISC)
    1. Prepare, practice, present
    2. Role play Q&A session
    3. “Be the change” you want to see
  5. Empower action
    1. Remember “worldwide competition”
    2. Eliminate barriers
  6. Create short-term wins
    1. They validate, attract outside support, hush critics, encourage first people
    2. List people and tasks that could be short term wins
    3. How fast could each happen?
    4. What time/$ investment?
    5. How unambiguous?
    6. How visible?
    7. What powerful people see it as meaningful
  7. Don’t let up
    1. Review step 1 methods to urgency
    2. Has every profit center adopted it?
    3. Consider an “action lab”
      1. Small group of volunteers
      2. Clear objective from the start
      3. Image, image, image
      4. Delegate smaller tasks
    4. You have achieved “culture change” when peers bring you back in line w/out really thinking.