Heads up! Site update in-progress (meanwhile in disarray)


If you’re seeing this, the most likely cause is clicking the wrong link on a totally unrelated page, considering I don’t exactly advertise this site very much. Other, less-likely reasons for you to arrive at this page precede a purposeful visitation, but if you’ve intentionally arrived at this landing page seeking the Healthy Mob (the smallest-of-possibilities) you’ll find all those articles here… somewhere, just click around a bit until I get the new design launched.

Here’s what’s going on: All those Healthy Mob articles on fiber and the gut microbiota being important led me to an unabated fermented-food binge, which in-turn grossed-out most of my friends to the point of avoiding me. Since the probiotic-party will concurrently lead to extended life, I find myself facing gobs of free alone time to waste on internal debates about how to focus on truly important things in life.

Thus, the Healthy Mob will be absorbed into a new project called “Nuances of Things”, which I’ll just assume now becomes colloquially known as “NoT” (note the new URL to which you’ve been redirected). NoT won’t be dissimilar from Healthy Mob. It will be a collection of “what matters about what really matters”–only this will go beyond the realm of health, an evolution unfit for the Healthy Mob. Topics I expect to cover will initially be categorized into three buckets I’m most interested in understanding: nutrition, personal effectiveness, and management.

Sorry, but again, I assume this is all irrelevant to you, having presumably arrived here due to haphazard touchpadding. Though, in that case maybe you should click around here until you find the articles on fasting and ketosis, as those trendy topics of research might be helpful for the nerves…

Stay tuned. I’ll have NoT up and running soon, inner voice!